Canadian Snipers in the Sha-e-kot

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Although few in number, their contributions were considerable. Canadian snipers fought in tandem with their American allies, covering their advance in the Sha-e-kot valley, keeping the enemy off guard and saving American lives.Their shooting skills were nothing less than exemplary. These snipers wear the British desert DPM uniform with additional SAS smock. Whereas some wore the ghuille suit, others modified their uniforms with simple padding on the chest , arms and legs. Since this team uses the hefty 50 cal. Mcmillan tactical rifle, their number has been increased to three. The primary sniper employs the 50 cal., and the team commander, seen at the far left, scans the valley below. He carries the C3A1 Parker Hale sniper rifle with 10X scope.Team security falls to the man in the center. He carries the Diemaco C7A1 with M203A1 and Elcan C79 optical sight. He keeps tabs on their "six" for any uninvited company. Leica bino/rangefinders lie within reach of the primary sniper. In the foreground are borrowed American ammo boxes...enough ammo to feed this diverse collection of weapons and to keep the team effective and protected...for a while anyway! There's no time to enjoy the view Mr. Taliban. Keep your head down..there's Canadian snipers in the Sha-e-kot!