Clandestine Operations

Printed heavy weight 80lb paper
Print Size: 19" x 13 "

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This Special Forces soldier brandishes his modified M4 carbine.  Various aimpoint, and nightvision devices mounted on the KAC rail system allow quick and accurate target acquisition.  A suppressor completes his weapon.  On his person he carries an emergency strobe located on his shoulder.  A snap link on the other shoulder can be used to secure his weapon, if need be.  On his belt he carries his pistol in a flap holster, canteen and ammo.  Nomex flight gloves protect and conceal his hands and over his head and face he wears the shemagh.  The shemagh will hide his identity and, at a distance, help him to "blend in".

Limited Edition of 250 prints, each personally signed and numbered by the artist!
Price: $50

Open End Prints
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