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Sniper / observer / recon Gear

" Without covering these obvious holes on the outside of structures, the chance of compromise is almost certain. This device allows you to remain concealed for a longer period of time, greatly enhancing mission success. The screen provides a one way mirror...they can't see you or your movements but you can see them plain as day..." (U.S. Navy SEAL sniper)


sniper screen 1 sniper screen 2

The Sniper Screen incorporates a flexible 15"W X 17"L screen and collapsible wire frame. When the wire "frame" is inserted into the screen itself, The frame holds the screen into a rigid "open" position. The flexibility of the entire screen and frame allows the sniper/observer to easily pass the screen through a hole or window and deploy the screen to cover and conceal that opening. This operation can be accomplished with one hand and in less than 1 minute!  4 strings ( 2 ft. long each ) attached to the screen are used to secure the screen in place by tying them off to existing materials or by the use of 2 sided tape

The sniper would normally be shrouded in darkness or shadow, prying eyes would not see him through the screen positioned on the outside of the wall nor would any light in the room reveal him. The pic above, shows a typical shell hole from an outside view.The screen covers this hole perfectly.The screen can work to your advantage for counter sniping ops too, where obvious holes in structures can reveal a potential position.The screens and frame can easily be spray painted to match your AO. When you've fired thru the screen, simply dispose of the used screen and replace it with a new one. The wire frame is reusable! Multiple rounds can be fired thru the screen before replacement is required. Screens can easily be carried in a pocket and the wire frame folds up to fit into its own compact carry pouch. These screens and carry pouch are also well suited for waterborne operations and will not degrade from exposure to those conditions. Their light weight and compactability make them a snipers' essential tool for specific operations.

sniper screen sequence

Sniper Screen Kit :1 complete Sniper Screen with 1 reuseable wire frame, 1 carry pouch, 5 additional replacement Screens 15"W X 17"L Price : $70.00 US

Replacement Screen Kit : Total of 5 replacement screens only, no other accessories included....Price : $50.00 US

Sniper Screens come in one color: GRAY

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